Advanced Nets and Ropes  offers complete bird exclusion products and services such as anti bird netting enclosures, anti bird spikes and wires, bird traps and shoots. Bird exclusion products from Advanced Nets and Ropes are used to control airborne pests and prevent them from nesting. Advanced Nets and Ropes supplies its bird exclusion products throughout Australia and overseas.

Advanced Nets and Ropes offers both large and small span bird exclusion netting for external commercial structures. Bird exclusion products can be used on various places such as bays, windows, verandas, office blocks, stairwell, stadiums, trees, bridges, pontoons, boating, picnic areas etc. Bird exclusion products help in controlling airborne pests.

Advanced Nets and Ropes also offers customised bird exclusion netting products. The bird exclusion netting products can be installed to meet permanent or temporary bird exclusion needs. Advanced Nets and Ropes has experienced staff who advice on correct and cost effective bird exclusion strategy for customers’ building or structure. From the design of custom-made bird exclusion solutions through to the completion of construction and installation, Advanced Nets and Ropes offers complete solutions.