With over 12 years of experience in the field, Advanced Door Seals is specialised in the manufacturer of fridge and freezer door seals. Advanced Door Seals supplies its products to different categories of customers and provides online buying facilities as well. Advanced Door Seals provides services to enable customers identify the exact door seal required according to the fridge and freezer specifications. Advanced Door Seals provides door seals for almost all makes and models of fridges.

Advanced Door Seals also offers easy installation instructions to facilitate DIY customers fit the door seal on the appliance.  Advanced Door Seals offers a wide range of domestic and commercial fridge and freezer door seals to fit a wide variety of such doors. Advanced Door Seals produces door seals to fit all models and makes of fridge and freezer doors. These door seals offered by Advanced Door Seals are made of quality PVC material and are manufactured at the company's own manufacturing facility. The PVC material is hygienic and contains fungicidal material, thus ensuring a high degree of cleanliness and quality. Advanced Door Seals also ensures that it uses the strongest magnets in door seals to assure tight fitting of seals onto the fridge and freezer doors. The corners of the door seals are properly welded and attached. This prevents air leakage in the corners.