ADT Security  provides a wide range of home security solutions that can protect homes from the perils of theft, smoke and burglary. ADT Security essentials solution comes with a user-friendly keypad and has fire and medical alert features. The ADT fire & security essentials solution, another security product from ADT Security, is designed to protect large homes requiring special security. ADT Security provides 24 hour monitoring service to its customers against smoke, intuition and other critical events.

ADT Security offers smoke alarms for residential applications. The 24 hour monitoring centre from ADT Security provides advice on battery back up needs, thus providing its customers round the clock protection.

ADT heat detector, a security product from ADT Security is ideal to be used in fast flaming fire spots such as cooking areas. When used with smoke alarm or full home fire detection it produces best results. The photoelectric hardwired smoke alarm are interconnected alarms which alerts all the potential areas which are prone to fire within the residential area.

ADT Security offers independent personal emergency responsive services for the benefit of senior or disabled people who want to live independently in their homes. At the press of a button, a signal is sent to the security responsive centre after which, an ADT Security specialist takes charge.