Adorabella  is a company involved in manufacturing and distribution of homeware products. In order to enable optimum hanging, the tapestries from Adorabella are supplied with weight bars which are inserted and concealed into the bottom of the tapestry. The tapestries from Adorabella are available in ready made forms which can be directly used post purchase.

Hanging loops are accessories that are inherently present in tapestries while being manufactured in the workshops of Adorabella. These tapestries are easy to maintain as they need only occasional dry cleaning and light vacuuming.

The Aubusson hand woven tapestries, which are reproductions of famous masterpieces, are hand created using French weaving technique in unique looms. In order to facilitate hanging, the tapestries from Adorabella come with small metal bars attached to its back or loops are attached to it.

Some of the architectural tapestries and wall hangings from Adorabella include cafe and street scenes, decorative and montage, still life, paintings and interiors, garden and greenery and so on.

The embedded silk cushions and throws from Adorabella are available in many shades such as aqua silk, floral pink, blush and so on. The tablecloths and table runners from Adorabella are available in rosy, florence, canterbury rose and many more unique shades.