ADM Instrument Engineering presents the SM series of magnetostrictive linear position sensors designed for use inside a hydraulic cylinder.

Senspro’s SM series provides a highly accurate absolute position measurement of displacement up to 120 inches/3 metres. These sensors work by accurately measuring the distance from a predetermined point to a magnetic field produced by a movable permanent magnet.

The new magnetostrictive transducers are particularly cost effective for stroke lengths up to 1m; however variants for stroke lengths up to 7m are also available.

Powered by 24VDC, the SM series magnetostrictive sensors feature integrated signal processing to deliver industry standard analogue output. The absolute output ensures no data is lost when power is interrupted. Output options include 0-10VDC voltage (either low or high frequency response), or a 4-20mA current (3-wire) available in forward or reverse slope signals.

Key benefits of the SM series magnetostrictive sensors include a contactless design that eliminates wear, noise and erroneous signal problems; excellent durability without any recalibration; suitability for hostile industrial environments; pressure-sealed probe allowing operation in hydraulic fluids up to 350Bar; and integral electronics protected against contamination from dust.