ADM Instrument Engineering announces the Lutron LX-107HA, a cost-effective light meter specifically designed to meet the C.I.E colour model standard. By meeting this standard, the light meter has the capability to accurately detect light in every single colour perceived by the human eye.

Lutron LX-107HA light meters will accurately measure light from a tungsten, fluorescent, sodium or mercury light source.

A separate light sensor probe supplied with the LX-107HA light meter allows the user to measure light in an optimum position without being limited by how close they can get their hand to the actual position when measuring the light.

Light readings are provided in Lux, or Foot-candle (Fc) units with the three pre-set ranges including 0-1999 Lux, 1800-19,990 Lux or 18,000-100,000 Lux, and 0-186 FC, 167-1860 Fc or 1670-10,000 Fc. Accuracy is typically 5% and the sampling time is approximately 0.4 seconds.

Minimum, maximum and average readings can be made. Features also include a useful recall function as well as zero adjustment with the press of a button. A selectable auto-off feature, which will power the unit down during periods of non-use will maintain battery life.

The Lutron LX-107HA is supplied complete with instructions and the light sensor probe. Hard or soft carrying cases are available as an optional extra.

The LX-107HA light meter is available for immediate despatch from ADM’s warehouse.