ADM Instrument Engineering , the exclusive distributor of Mean Well products in Australia announces the availability of power supplies with medical safety approvals.

Highly preferred across the world, the Mean Well range offers manufacturers a cost effective, quality power supply with medical safety approvals.

The MPS-65-24, for instance, is one of the first power supplies launched by Mean Well with two means of patient protection (2x MOPP) medical safety approvals. A leading manufacturer uses the MPS-65-24 in a dental product as it provides the maximum protection level to the patient.

Another well-known medical device manufacturer uses the Mean Well RPD-160 in dialysis machines for the power supply’s ability to supply +24VDC and +5VDC simultaneously. This feature allows the customer to simplify the power architecture design of the dialysis equipment. Featuring a compact design, the power supply also packs in a number of monitoring functions such as Power Signal Good, enabling the customer to enhance the reliability of their product.