ADM Instrument Engineering announces the availability of the Lutron PH-207HA, a new range of low cost handheld pH meters capable of ion selective, ORP and temperature measurements.

Featuring a built-in microprocessor to ensure maximum possible accuracy, the PH-207HA pH meter enables the maximum, minimum and average readings to be taken and subsequently recalled. The high input impedance of 10-12 ohms avoids measurement errors.

Key features of the Lutron PH-207HA pH meters include data hold button allowing the user to freeze the desired value on display; built-in SLOPE (pH4) and CAL (pH7) calibration functions easily selectable from the front panel; values displayed on a large easy-to-read LCD display, with pH and temperature values shown at the same time; and manual and automatic temperature compensation, depending on value being measured.

The Lutron PH-207HA comes in a compact, heavy duty case designed for easy portability and use. The pH meters are recommended for use in numerous test and measurement applications such as water quality monitoring, aquariums, fisheries, food processing, paper production, plating processes as well as QA laboratories.

Supplied complete with an instruction manual, the PH-207HA comes with optional accessories including pH electrodes, ORP electrodes, temperature probes and pH4 and pH7 buffer solutions.