ADM Instrument Engineering announces the availability of a new range of multifunction temperature and humidity sensors designed for monitoring and process control applications in industrial environments.

The new EYC THS84/85 series multifunction temperature and humidity sensors are perfect for industrial applications such as monitoring storerooms, agricultural and food production, industrial and process control, air conditioning and ventilation control, environmental monitoring and control, and temperature and humidity monitoring in hospitals or pharmaceutical environments.

The built-in temperature compensation and linear correction function in the EYC THS84/85 series humidity and temperature sensors ensures accurate readings even in harsh environments. The sensors function in an operating temperature range of -40°C ~ +120°C for the THS85 and -40°C ~ +180°C for the THS85.

Users can choose from a combination of two different output functions including relative humidity, absolute humidity, temperature, dew point, frost point, wet bulb temperature, vapour pressure, mixture ratio or specific enthalpy; or the programmable version with MODBUS RS485 output. Standard output signal options include the industry standard 4-20ma, 0-10v and 0-5v as well as 0-20ma and 0-1v.

The THS85 measurement sensors can be optionally supplied with a 2m or 5m fitted cable, or an industry standard M12 connector. Alternatively, the device can be supplied with a factory fitted display.