ADIS Automatic Doors  offers Smart Door System that can be installed to automate the manual doors according to the client’s requirement.

Smart doors are designed for low use traffic areas in commercial areas and industrial premises. The Smart doors are simple and effective.

Technical specifications:

  • Power supply: AC220V, 10% 50Hz 40W
  • Opening speed: 3.5 sec to 90° open
  • Closing speed: 0-10 Sec, Door open dual time, variable
  • Door width: <= 1100mm
  • Door weight: up to 50kg
  • Activation systems: Overhead sensors or push buttons
  • Safety systems: Automatically reverse operation when door is obstracted, door speed limitation or safety sensors.
  • Manual opening/Closing force: <30N
  • Noise attenuation: <= 60dB