ADIS Automatic Doors provide high quality and competitively priced door hardware, including a range of automatic sliding door operators.

Built to a slim line design, Australian made ADIS automatic sliding door operators have no exposed wiring,  feature high security locking systems, and are energy efficient.

The tracking system on these automatic sliding door operators is dual linear and designed for high security and a long service life, while the carriage assemblies are fitted with track wheels that stop the doors being disengaged from the track.

ADIS Automatic Doors utilise the latest in digital microprocessor technology in the manufacture of the control units, allowing multiple programmable modes, including interfacing with building security systems, monitoring door position status, and built in UPS. The parameters of these microprocessors can be adjusted to accommodate various climatic conditions and site requirements.

Safety is a top priority for ADIS Automatic Doors, which is why the microprocessor in these automatic sliding door operators is programmed to automatically reverse both the opening and closing operation should the doors be obstructed. Furthermore, photo electric safety light cells focus across the doorway to ensure operation of the sliding doors is halted upon beam interruption.

Also of vital importance is security. ADIS automatic sliding door operators use a purpose built motor, which includes an electric locking system, to ensure that the doors can be fixed securely in any position to ensure a high level of security.

An optional remote monitoring and control system is also available to allow the door status to be checked and operational adjustments be made

Sliding door operators are available in a range of configurations, including:

  • NGA standard automatic sliding door operator
  • NGF frameless glass sliding door operator
  • NGT telescopic sliding door operator
  • NG-BOS sliding door operator with swing out fittings
  • NGU ultra slim automatic sliding door operator.