ADIS Automatic Doors  applies advanced digital technology for designing automatic doors. Deploying such technologies allows ADIS Automatic Doors to customise the door configuration according to the specific area of application. Automatic door systems available from ADIS Automatic Doors can be interfaced with the control system of the building security.

ADIS Automatic Doors provides automatic breakout door systems, which comprise break-out fittings to allow escape routes. The automatic breakout door system of ADIS Automatic Doors can also be used for installing promotional displays. Domestic auto sliding doors are automatic door systems, which are attached to new and old manual-operated doors to make them functional automatically. Auto sliding doors also help to control hot or cold air loss and eliminate the need for an alternate pet door. Auto slide doors available from ADIS Automatic Doors are regarded to be easy to use, particularly by the elderly and disabled.

Automatic clean room doors available from ADIS Automatic Doors are called pharmaceutical doors and are used to maintain sterile and dust free environments. Automatic clean room doors are suitable for areas such as food preparation, pharmaceutical and micro-electronic production places.

ADIS Automatic Doors manufactures commercial and domestic sliding and swing door entries. A wide range of swing doors, which can be activated at the touch of button or using sensors, are designed and manufactured by ADIS Automatic Doors. These doors have integrated locking systems.