Maxiskaff is a commercial mobile platform system offered by Adform Products , which is suited for both commercial and industrial purposes. Maxiskaff is easy to assemble and light in weight. Further, Adform Products has won the Safety Institute Award for its Miniskaff products. Maxiskaff comes with a modular interlocking system which makes it a more stable platform than the conventional scaffolding.

In order to facilitate easy assembling and dismantle, Maxiskaff from Adform Products comes with a unique patented bell swage coupling method. The Maxiskaff platform systems from Adform Products can be tailored according to customer requirements.

The 1015/30 model of Maxiskaff platform has a tilt-wheel and safety kick plate. Model 1030/40 comes with casters and tower stabilisers and it also has a screw jack through which the platform can be split. Adform Products also offers models which require no tower stabilisation.

The Maxiskaff platforms from Adform Products are available in different sizes to cater to the needs of different customers. Maxiskaff platforms comply to AS 1576 standards and is made of galvabond steel. Maxiskaff platforms are light weight yet they are strong enough to be used for many commercial applications.