A newly installed Hercules air conditioning system from Actron Air achieved significant savings in energy consumption compared to a two-stage fixed speed air conditioner during a study conducted at a shopping centre in Narellan, NSW.

The independent research study compared the performance of the Hercules unit with an existing two-stage fixed speed air conditioner over a 14-day testing period. The Hercules unit achieved total energy savings of 40 percent compared to the two-stage fixed speed air conditioner. On a daily basis, energy consumption savings between 21 percent and 69 percent were achieved.

Based on historical weather observations and the results of this study, the Hercules air conditioner is expected to achieve total energy savings of 46 percent across the four-month summer period, equating to an estimated financial saving of $6,297 (based on $0.18 per kWh) for the period.

Actron Air’s variable capacity rooftop packaged unit, Hercules provided more comfort too. On the hottest day during the 14-day study, the temperature went up to 38.2°C. The conditioned area for the two-stage fixed speed AC technology reached 26.7°C, while Hercules achieved a temperature of 24.9°C. Despite achieving a cooler temperature, Hercules consumed 62% less electrical energy on that day compared to the two-stage fixed unit.