Active Air Rentals  has recently taken on a task of extracting and filtering contaminated air from the soil of a large construction site.

This job required producing a custom Dust and Fume Extraction unit that was completely engineered and manufactured in-house by Active Air using a 20’ container, a complex assembly of filters and a powerful extraction fan.

The whole contaminated site, 3500m2, will be covered and with a sealed temporary structure while the excavation works is carried out.

The Active Air Extraction and Filtration unit will extract and filter the contaminated air and re-release the clean air safely back into the environment.

In addition to the Active Air Extraction and Filtration unit, Active Power Management (Active Air’s power division) provided a 60 KVA generator with and external 1000L double bunded fuel tank to supply and run the unit.

The unit has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it complies with Australian Environmental Standards.

Active Air Rentals is in the process of producing another identical unit to strengthen their rental fleet.