Active Air Rentals  presents a range of portable air conditioners designed for difficult locations where ducting hot exhaust air from conventional portable units is not possible.

The AC S45 split portable air conditioners are designed for areas with non-removable ceiling tiles or no access to windows. The hoses that run between the units can fit under many doors and pass through small openings since they only need a 20mm gap or 50mm hole in most cases.

The AC S45 split portable air conditioners are suitable for installation in communications and server rooms, schools and aged care facilities, restaurants and hotels as well as medical suites and various secure environments.

The inside unit of the AC S45 split air conditioners pumps collected condensate water to the outside for collection or drainage. Though the recommended separation between units is 10m, they can be separated by up to 20m with a height differential of up to 4 metres.

Thermostat controls are provided for some applications and can be used to programme for spot cooling.

The 4.5 kW AC S45 split portable air conditioners eliminate the need to empty condensate water tanks while ensuring less noise and superior cooling.

Key features of AC S45 split portable air conditioners:

  • Water cooled units
  • Separate indoor and outdoor units
  • Quick connect couplings for easy installation
  • No need for exhaust ducting
  • No hot exhaust ensures superior cooling ability
  • Quiet operation
  • Condensate is pumped outside to a tank or drain
  • Operates from one regular 10A office/domestic power outlet
  • Up to 20 metres of separation possible (10 metres is standard)