Active Power Management, a division of Active Air Rentals , recently supplied over 25 generators for the A1 Car Racing Series at Eastern Creek.

The Silenced Generators ranged in size from 10KVA to 300KVA and powered the team garages and corporate suits.

The A1 organisers were concerned with the environmental impact of the event so it was decided that Active Power Management would provide BioDiesel to run the generators onsite.

This decision greatly reduced the level of emissions produced by the generators and do not impact on the overall performance of the sets.

The use of Biodiesel is becoming increasingly popular as event organisers and their clients are become more aware of environmental factors associated with running large sporting and corporate events.

Active Power Management is trying to reduce the environmental impact of its rental fleet both with the use of Biodiesel in its generators as well as using environmentally friendly refrigerants in its climate control equipment.

Active Power Management has a large range of temperature control and power generation equipment available for hire to the commercial and event markets.