ActiSafe announces a new service that customises workstations to suit the needs of the application.

This service from workplace ergonomics specialist ActiSafe customises workspaces to accommodate the work of technical and assembly staff across all major industries.

ActiSafe’s Actiwork ergonomic worktables are tailored to end-user design specifications and offered in an extensive range of modular options to suit the various needs of any operation.

The customisation is executed through a consultative process between ActiSafe and the client so that every requirement of the application is met. ActiSafe’s ergonomic equipment can be used as multifunctional workbenches by the company’s in-house technical team for test and repair of electronic equipment, general assembly, and generally anything that needs to be done on an industrial tabletop.

Optional lockable compartments also allow staff to store their own specialist tools securely on site to relieve them of the burden of transporting such equipment to and from the workplace.

ActiSafe’s workstations feature timber work surfaces providing a good level of solidity and strength without the excessive weight of stainless steel equivalents used in the past. The workstation can be ergonomically integrated with assembly equipment, computers, telephones, and other tools to increase performance and productivity, while decreasing work-related stress and potential for injury.

The modular design of ActiSafe’s work tables will allow any end user to evolve with the changes that inevitably occur in all industries.