Actisafe offers a parts storage solution for workshops to organise their tools, parts and components properly and securely.

A Defence Recognised Supplier, Actisafe offers its parts stores with generous drawer space, shelving and worktops, eliminating the clutter typically associated with workshops and trade depots where tools are mounted on all available wall space. Actisafe’s product lines provide the assurance of durability and professional finish.

Drawer dividers provided in Actisafe’s parts store ensure all available storage space is economically utilised to sort and store different types of industrial components. A clear benefit of the parts store is the tidy and clutter-free appearance of workspaces, with the organised tools enabling workers to find them easily.

The open configuration facilitated by the modular-style storage units ensures a clear view of the stored tools for workers who can also easily detect missing tools, or replenish parts.

Actisafe’s parts store can be customised to suit the user’s requirement for size, colour or configuration. Made from steel, Actisafe parts storage systems are strong and bump-resistant with the powder-coated finish ensuring protection against rust.

The parts store can also be supplied on industrial strength castor rollers featuring long-life bearings to ensure continuous operation even on a 24/7 duty cycle.