Leading Australian industrial safety products specialist Actisafe has introduced a low profile electro-hydraulic lift table with rotating disc suitable for handling weights up to two tonne.

Actisafe’s new materials handling system is designed for loading or unloading products on or off a pallet, and is particularly suitable for non-uniform challenges such as mixed SKUs, bagged products, boxed items or plastic containers. 

Incorporating an automated lift/lower function, the lift table features a manually rotatable disc, which allows materials handling staff to effortlessly and safely turn a pallet for more direct access and simplified movement.

This safe and simple ability to easily and precisely adjust height and pallet position is a cost effective alternative to manual handling, minimising the operator’s exposure to many OH&S related handling problems.

Trolley mounting options allow the Actisafe low profile lift table to accurately and carefully position goods in various parts of the plant at the right height.

Floor and pit mounted applications can be positioned to facilitate functions such as gravity feeding, bridging and support in production lines, or most other production and handling processes.

Actisafe’s low profile electro-hydraulic powered lift tables optimise the lifting and lowering process and provide safer handling of heavy products in fixed or mobile applications.