Acromat 's basketball backboards are supplied with a timber board and ring and can be fitted with a glass backboard with a snap-down ring.

Selecting the right backboards depend on construction and available fixing points of the building.

The glass backboards fit international standards and are designed with a 12mm thick armour plated glass mounted in a 50 by 50 by 5mm angle frame held in a 25 by 25mm steel section. The heavy duty bottom frame steel tube supports the snap down ring.

The timber backboards are made with international size requirements (1800 by 1050mm), white with 50mm wide back international markings outside the edge and shooting rectangle. The board is fixed to a 38 by 39mm steel tube outer frame with verticle centre member for fixing the basketball ring.

All Acromat basketball backboards are designed to comply to the Australian and International Basketball Federation, and the British and european Standard.

Cantilever and mobile backboards are also available.

To find the right backboards, supplying floor plan drawings, internal elevations, sections of walls and ceilings and structural steel drawings are recommended.