Acromat  now have available a range of wall mounted benches and seats suitable for installation in gymnasiums, assembly halls, and theatres.

These wall mounted benches are available in lengths up to 1200mm and can be finished with clear urethane, solid paint colour, or carpet.

The wall mounted seats are available as singles, doubles, triples, or combinations and customers can choose seats from a range of Acromat seats.

The SH-5 wall mounted bench or seat folds up for maximum use of space. The benches are made from 19mm ply and are 250mm deep. They timber is finished with clear urethane and the steel is finished in a textured black.

The SH-7 wall mounted bench or seat is also a folding model and features an upholstery finish. Again, the thickness of the ply is 19mm and the bench depth 250mm. The upholstery finish is with 40mm thick vinyl, while the steel is finished in the same textured black as the SH-5 seating.

The SH-20 seat is wall fixed and is available in one, two, or three seat modules and the seat and back is made from moulded plastic with a textured black finish on the steel. As an option these seats can be fully upholstered or have an upholstered insert.