Global acoustic solutions leader Acoufelt has launched their new ground-breaking suite of digital experiences, Ammersion for the interior design community.

Representing the first of its kind in the industry, this innovative platform offers design professionals and clients immersive tools based on augmented and virtual reality technologies to explore, visualise and experiment with Acoufelt’s soft architectural products like never before.

Ammersion, which currently comprises the ‘Ammersion AR Visualiser’ and the ‘Ammersion Virtual Showroom’ platforms, empowers users to transcend traditional design limitations through AR and VR technology.

The Ammersion AR Visualiser utilises cutting-edge augmented reality technology to merge the physical and digital worlds seamlessly.

With a simple scan of a room using a smartphone or tablet device, users can overlay Acoufelt’s diverse range of soft architectural products onto real-world environments.

This allows designers and clients to visualise and interact with different products in real-time, facilitating informed decision-making and streamlining the design process.

Ammersion digital experiences

Complementing the AR Visualiser is the Ammersion Virtual Showroom, an immersive digital environment that offers a comprehensive showcase of Acoufelt’s product portfolio, available to view via desktop and VR with any WebXR supported headset or mobile device.

Users can navigate through over 20 virtual spaces decorated with Acoufelt’s acoustic panels, ceiling baffles, screens, carpet tiles and more, while learning about the company’s manufacturing excellence and commitment to sustainability along the way.

“With Ammersion, we’re breaking new ground in the acoustics and interior design industry by offering a more immersive and interactive way to discover our products,” says Evan Maher, marketing director at Acoufelt.

“Leveraging the power of augmented and virtual reality, Ammersion not only demonstrates our dedication to cutting-edge technology but also significantly enriches the customer journey. It fosters a more profound comprehension and admiration for our acoustic solutions, transforming the way our products are perceived and interacted with.”

The new Ammersion platform represents Acoufelt’s continued commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and design excellence. Harnessing the latest advancements in digital technology, Ammersion is poised to revolutionise the customer product experience.

For more information about Ammersion and Acoufelt’s range of acoustic solutions, please visit our website.