ACE Security Laminates  provides marketing and technical support. The supports include ACE Global Advertising, trade show booths, Lead Referral Program, technical updates, telephone support and new promotional material.

The Dealer Support department of ACE Security Laminates consists of expertise in the field of sales, security and safety laminate industry, management and business. The Dealer Support Department is known to provide financial support for some important contracts, email and telephone support, engineering support, technical support regarding the products of ACE, etc. ACE Security Laminates offers Dealer Certification Programme, which known to bring success to both ongoing as well as start-up operations. The programme provides a five-day planning and training sessions that enclose business subjects, marketing, installation and services.

ACE Security Laminates provides training course for one week in various departments that include marketing and promotion, shipping and purchasing procedures, demonstration sessions both media and promotion and sales and management. ACE Security Laminates provides the dealers with the access to commercials that are used for promoting the products of ACE or ACE Security Laminates itself.

The dealership package provided by ACE Security Laminates comprises of magazine and newspaper advertisements, flyers and broachers, templates that are required for the creation of business cards and templates that required for printing the work orders and estimate proposals.