Ace Leadlight Studio  specialises in providing attractive glass products that include stained and glazed glass products. This stained and glazed glass can be used for different kinds of windows that enable to improvise as well as beautify the place. Ace Leadlight Studio has been allied with various other companies like United Glass studios, Ge and Ge Kilns and Kilns Rentals as well as Philip Stokes Studio Glass.

Diverse range of stained and glazed glass works accomplished by Ace Leadlight Studio include abstract windows, rose sidelight windows, bevelled windows, magpie windows, Geisha girl window, stained glass doors, Art deco lightshade windows, samurai windows, smashie door panels, Ulysses butterfly, painted detail windows and various other works.

Distinctive ranges of glass products from Ace Leadlight Studio are available at cost effective rates. This stained and glazed glass can also be used for various applications. Ace Leadlight Studio also offers various other products such as leadlights as well as offers repair and restoration services. Ace Leadlight Studio has retail outlets in Malvern and Burwood. Ace Leadlight Studio also offers stained and glazed glass for doors.