Access Elevators Aust  supply a wide range of lifts and elevators for commercial and residential purposes. Lift varieties include concord accessibility lifts, vertical platforms, silent servant manual dumbwaiters, Chun Ming service lifts and dumbwaiters, inclined platform lifts, residential lifts, stair lifts and wheel chair lifts.

In addition to supply, Access Elevators Aust also provide installation and maintenance services for traction lifts and hydraulic passenger lifts. Access Elevators Aust are dealers for Concord elevators and Chun Ming service lifts.

Access Elevators Aust supply hydraulic passenger lifts for up to ten floors. They also provide Lift Cars interior that can hold up to 2244 kilograms. Pal and Infinity are the two Concord elevator products supplied by Access Elevators Aust. These service lifts can hold from 50 kilograms to 450 kilograms. The lift car, doors and door frames come with stainless finishing.

Access Elevators Aust also provide solutions for inclined and vertical requirements of customers.

For residential purposes, Access Elevators Aust supply electric automatic units, green lifts with automatic doors, semi enclosed and electric service lifts, portable units and enclosed lifts that can travel 600 mm to 4250 mm and the portable units can travel upto 1400 mm.