The non metallic pipe locator from Access Detection consists of Sewerin combiphon non metallic water mains kit, Sewerin combiphon non metallic domestic kit, traceable rod system, sondes. The pit, lid and marker locators from Access Detection encompasses Sewerin ferrotec 350 ferromagnetic locator, Rycom MS102 ferrous metal locator, Sewerin M130 lid locator, Rycom 8890 and 8891 EMS marker locator, surface and disc markers. The combinations systems from Access Detection comprises of Sewerin combination domestic water leak detection and pipe location, Sewerin combination commercial water leak detection 7 pipe location.

The standard and commercial CCTV system from Access Detection includes varieties such as Vivax vCam pro series II and Rycon RI series cameras. The mini CCTV systems from Access Detection encompass items such as Rycon pipe sight mini and Rycon pipesight micro. The micro and specialized systems provided by Access Detection comprises of items such as Wohler VS250, Wohler VIS 2000 and light scope. The water leak detection from Access Detection includes collection such as Stethophon 04, Basic plumbers’ kit, Domestic plumbers’ kit, Professional plumbers’ kit and commercial plumbers’ kit. The professional leak detection variety provided by Access Detection includes SeCorr 08 Correlator, SeCorr 300 Correlator, SePem01 noise loggers, SePem 02 noise loggers with GSM capabilities, Sensistor 9012XRS hydrogen leak detection.