Utilising industrial climbing techniques developed over many years, the team at Abtech Industrial rigged a triangulated “up and over” rope system to allow safe access during the application of a waterproof coating to the domed roof of the Cyprus Turkish Islamic mosque in Sunshine, Victoria.

The concrete domes had suffered the effects of pollution and weather, caulking had deteriorated and seepage was occurring. Internal renovation works were halted due to the leaks and needed to be sealed against water intrusion.

Because gaining access to the clusters of domes on the mosque’s roof with the usual approach of scaffolding and cherry picking would have been not only difficult but also extremely expensive, the climbing solution suggested by Abtech was the economical answer. Once the company had rigged the “up and over” rope system, anchorages were installed and the job was underway. Safety lines were used in conjunction with standard twin-rope systems to allow all surfaces to be accessed and treated.

Source: Building Products News.