Sustainably-sourced cypress macrocarpa weatherboards, rendered fibre cement and Autoclaved Aerated Concrete were chosen as the construction materials for a sustainable residence designed by Sunpower Design and built at Woodstock in rural Victoria. The home won the 2004 Building Design of the Year in the Building Designers Association of Victoria awards.

From its natural ventilation design, partially recycled insulation materials, double glazing and removable shade systems through to its Biocycle grey and black water recycling system, rainwater catchment/reuse system and solar hot water system, the Woodstock residence achieves a ‘First Rate’ energy efficiency rating of 27 stars.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the entire home has been designed with a focus on blending with the surrounding natural environment. In keeping with this focus, the external AAC walls have been bagged and painted with ‘the Paint’ a high performance surface coating from Ability Building Colours. “Our designs focus on combining the best available construction materials and the latest in sustainable technology with attractive designs that are appropriate to the environment,” says Andreas Sederof, who together with his wife Judy, run Sunpower Design.

Supplied in powder form, ‘the Paint, is a high build mineral geopaint, formulated with hard, enduring polymer modified inorganic mineral silicate/cement. Unlike most surface render treatments, ‘the Paint’ can be re-applied to small areas that may be damaged with an almost perfect colour match.

Source: Building Products News.