abilox from Ability Building Colours represents a broad range of UV-resistant colouring pigments formulated for through-colouring of various composite materials including concrete.

Available in an extensive colour palette of 60 standard pigments that can give 240 attractive colour shades for concrete, abilox powder colourants can match any colour preference at no extra cost.

Safe for the environment, abilox pigments are available in two easy dose rates (8.3% and 4.15%) in both off-white and grey cement bound mixtures. The inorganic mineral oxide pigments are uniform in colouration strength from batch to batch and bag to bag, and assure exceptionally durable colouration in the end application. abilox is not made from crude oil.

Ability’s abilox mineral oxide mix-in powder colours find application in all types of cast-in-place, slab-on-grade, precast, tilt-up and ornamental concrete, as well as in sprayed concrete (shotcrete), masonry and rendering mortars, concrete masonry units, pavers, retaining wall units and concrete roofing tiles. The powder colourants can also be used to colour cast stone, external wall plastering and bagging mixes, stucco, interior solid gypsum/ lime wall plaster and other gypsum cement and hydrated lime bound construction materials.

When selecting a colour from abilox’s Colour Specifier, please specify by name and pigment percentage (dose rate) as well as whether the application is for off white cement (OWC) or grey cement (GC). The intensity of colouration will be directly proportional to the dose rate of colour added to the mix.

For complete architectural and guide specification information, please refer to Ability’s Architectural Presentation Pack binder. A guide specification titled ‘For All Specifiers - A Suggested Building Specification for Coloured Concrete’ is available on request.