Ability Building Colours Co  has developed a dissolvable powder concentrate which introduces microscopic air bubbles into the cement-based mix to create an ultra stable, air-entraining admixture for use in Portland cement based concrete products. Maxim-Air reduces bleeding of concrete materials caused by grading deficiencies.  

Maxim-Air can be used in a number of concrete types including flowable, high temperature and low slum, those with extended working times and lightweight, pre-stressed concrete. The cement additive is also suitable for metal surfaces including prime coasted new iron and steel.  

The microscopic air bubbles produced by Maxim-Air disperse evenly throughout the cement based products and allow for improved plasticity and workability. Maxim-Air increases stability, durability, and resistance to freeze, while simultaneously reducing bleeding, degradation, and permeability caused by water tightness.  

It is essential to use a trial mix to determine usage, but is recommended that the dosage of Maxim-Air is 0.003% to 0.03% in total cement weight.