Ability Building Colours Co has spent many years developing several polymer modified, long life surface protection coatings, which are watertight, safe for the environment, and suitable for both exterior and interior application.

Available in an almost unlimited range of decorative UV resistant colours, Ability long life paints are have low VOCS and completely odourless. They are durable and easy to apply, and thanks to their being several binders rather than just one incorporated, these long life paints have high performance insurance and long term adhesion qualities.

Ability's Duro Paint range of long life paints are all polymer-modified inorganic mineral formulations guaranteed to have exceptionally high adhesion and resistance to:

  • UV radiation
  • oxidation
  • abrasion
  • skidding
  • slipping; and
  • paint degrading chemical solutions.

Duro Paint long life coatings have a matte stipple textured finish, guaranteed for 20 years, which results in a high build, flat and a subtle 'sandy' slightly textured finish (depending on the implement used to apply it).

The Duro Paint long life coatings range is suitable for application on walls, roofs, floors, pavements, ramps, stairs, tanks and pools.

Ability's Duro Paint long life coatings range includes:

  • Duro Paint Stipple - a matte, textured finish paint
  • Duro Paint Matte - a smooth, matte finish paint; and
  • Duro Paint Low Sheen - an ultra smooth, low sheen paint.