Abey Australia , a leading manufacturer of plumbing products for over 60 years has introduced a number of innovations for plumbers over the years to simplify their work.

Given the importance of time in the building and plumbing industry, contractors and tradies are constantly looking for better ways of doing even the simplest of jobs faster, efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Abey’s first interchangeable bolted clipping system revolutionised the plumbing industry, and became the industry standard for over 30 years.

Abey has now introduced the new Speed clipping system that is expected to revolutionise the industry once again by completely eliminating nuts and bolts during the installation of pipework, saving time while simplifying the task.

Developed in close consultation with leading industry professionals by Abey’s development team comprising of engineers, plumbers and designers, the Speed clips are engineered to high quality standards and manufactured in Australia. During the development process the new precision made system was rigorously tested by NATA Certified Laboratories.

Greatly improved on the standard nuts and bolts clipping system, Abey’s Speed clips have been designed for a variety of commonly used pipes to suit both wall and hanging applications. 

The new range of clips and brackets is fully interchangeable to suit PVC, copper and pressure pipes with brackets such as hanging bracket, all thread bracket, all thread nut bracket, stand off bracket and adjustable stand off bracket – all featuring high quality standards and suitable for use in most common plumbing applications. 

Licensed plumbers who have trialled the new clips have given positive feedback, especially in terms of the speed of installation. Trials have shown the new Speed clips to be five times faster than other clipping systems.

Describing the new Speed clips as one of the greatest innovations in clipping systems for over 35 years, Abey’s MD Geoff Anderson said that the new clips make all other clips obsolete.