ABET , established in 1988, specialises in the manufacture of high pressure laminates. ABET produces these laminates in a variety of colours and finishes which includes soft pastels to vibrant hues and a variety of decorative effects. Laminates manufactured by ABET include worktop laminate, flooring laminate, self supporting laminate, exterior laminate, transcluscent laminate, anti-static laminate to name a few.

ABET laminates ideally finds its application in architecture, transport and interiors. These high pressure laminates are available in a wide variety of finishes like Ash, Fiber, Grana 2, Longline, Lucida, Luc-2 and many more. Ash has a medium grained timber like finish while Fiber finish has a random texture. It is obtained from recycled jute coffee bags. Grana 2 possess a weave like texture and Lucida has a gloss finish.

Laminates produced by ABET includes different types of swatches which are briefly discussed. Aceri includes coloured timber grains having a soft and silky texture. Cresp makes use of sophisticated technology such as pressure sensitive inks similar to cake icing. HR-LAQ swatch offers a high gloss surface while Iridescenti swatches can change their appearance according to the angle and intensity of lighting.

Magnetico swatch offered by ABET is a magnetic laminate which can also be used as a marker board surface and MEG from ABET is ideally suited for outdoor applications.