Abbco Insulation  provides insulation solutions to residential, commercial and industrial sectors in Australia. Ceiling vacuuming and skylights are also a speciality of the company.

Ceiling vacuuming from Abbco Insulation can be carried out during renovation or installation of ladders. Other instances when it can be done are while creating additional storage space in attics and roofs, replacing or fixing roofs and ceilings and during rewiring. The materials that Abbco Insulation removes during the ceiling vacuuming process are lead dust, pesticides, decomposed rodents and animals, previous insulation material such as wires, fibreglass and cellulose fibre and leaves. All these could be harmful to people residing in these buildings.

Abbco Insulation also provides thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, roof ventilation and skylights. Thermal insulation includes polyester, foil and foam based products that form a covering or cocoon outside the building protecting it from the heat.

One of Abbco Insulation's biggest achievements is the supply and installation of insulation to ceilings in the Olympic Village. It also replaced, fixed and removed insulation from ceilings in a large number of homes in the massive hailstorm in 1999.