Aadbuild  specialises in designing attractive homes by following certain renovating methodologies. Aadbuild provides three dimension designs of new homes, renovated homes and extended homes. Aadbuild offers three-dimensional drawings to the customers to visualise the renovation and extension works carried out by them. Existing plans and sketches of existing homes are also provided by Aadbuild to the clients. The new and renovated homes from Aadbuild are creative and modern in design.

Aadbuild provides consultation services too. The designer from Aadbuild fixes the appointment at a convenient time with the customers. Aadbuild provides concept design and shows the drafted estimates of the project to its customers. A feasibility study is carried out by Aadbuild to find out whether the concept created meets the requirements of the council. Once the study is carried out, Aadbuild drafts the plans and shows the 3D concept plans. Changes from the customers are put forwarded during this stage.

The draft contract is later prepared by Aadbuild. Then, survey is made and a complete measurement of the project is carried out. Aadbuild then prepares the working drawings, detailed specifications and geo testing and engineers certificates. The contract is then signed and the drawings are submitted to the council. The construction supervisor makes the required arrangements and building is completed.