Autodesk has been carrying out incremental updates to their Civil 3D software for a few years now.

The company recently released the 2022 version of Civil 3D, which contains new incremental additions to the software.

Join us for an updates webinar on June 23, 2021, 11:00 AM AEST where we will cover updates to connected alignments and profiles, a couple of new spiral alignment layout tools, pressure pipe spanning labels, ArcGIS images specifying resolution and a re-cap of Project Explorer.

Featured Speaker: Dean Petersen

Dean Petersen is a Civil /Geospatial Consultant with experience in Civil Roading Project Management. He is a Civil 3D professional and specialises in Civil 3D, AutoCAD, Map3D, and lnfraworks. He also has extensive history in the teaching and implementation of Civil Templates for Civil 3D software.

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