Laser scanning services from A1SCAN3D will help users get 3D information into CAD packages for documentation and further modification.

With the majority of CAD packages now in a fully 3D environment, laser scanning is the quickest and most cost effective way to get 3D information into the CAD packages for further processing with the laser scanner capturing all the dimensional data and 360-degree photography. 

A1SCAN3D’s combined experience in CAD, mechanical/ structural design and fabrication, coupled with their new Faro 3D-120 laser scanner and associated software enables the company to offer a unique level of service previously only available from surveyors and various civil organisations. 

Key features and capabilities of A1SCAN3D’s 3D laser scanning services include: Effective working range 0.6 – 120 m; industrial plant scanning; above or below ground; forensic scanning equipment/ structural failures, accident scenes; archaeological scanning; reverse engineering; recreating obsolete parts to repair old or heritage machinery; and handmade prototypes ready for mass production.

Various output formats are available to suit most CAD systems including greyscale and colour imagery; and 3600 photo output web access through A1SCAN3D’s Webshare server for review.

A1SCAN3D uses the following software and can export the output to most CAD formats: Edgewise Plant for pipe recognition software; Edgewise Building for wall and slab recognition; Autodesk suites – Plant & Product Design; and Navisworks output for review.