A.W.I.S.A  is Australian Woodworking Industry Suppliers Association which was formed during 1986. A.W.I.S.A was formed to organise a woodworking industry exhibition once in two years in Australia. All the members of AWISA association are its major suppliers.

The A.W.I.S.A 2008 will be held at Sydney Exhibition Centre from 2-5 July 2008. A.W.I.S.A 2008 is organised by Australian Woodworking Industry Suppliers Association.  A.W.I.S.A 2008 exhibition invites cabinet makers, furniture manufactures, window and moulding manufactures, kitchen manufactures, architects, joinery manufactures, shop and office fitters, designers, wood and timber panel processing industries and builders.

Further, the A.W.I.S.A provides details on the admission, registration, accomodation, travelling to people who are interested in knowing more about the exhibition. The space sales for A.W.I.S.A 2008 has started and A.W.I.S.A 2006 exhibitors will be given first preference.

A.W.I.S.A is offering John Tiddy Memorial Award in the remembrance of late John Tiddy for his contribution to furniture and woodworking industries of Australia. Educational expenses of $2000.00 will be awarded to six apprentices and entire expenses will be paid for overnight visit to the exhibition.

Membership applications are welcomed by the A.W.I.S.A from Australian based companies. The A.W.I.S.A also invites overseas companies that have with Australian distributors or agents who are also members of A.W.I.S.A.