A Glass Apart  offers different types commercial as well as architectural glass products. Commercial glass products include white translucent thick laminated safety glass having thickness ranging to about 10.38 millimetres, cantilevered and suspended thick toughened glass, clear toughened glass having thickness ranging to about 12 millimetres and various other products.

Architectural glass products from A Glass Apart include cantilevered glass in conjunction with stainless steel fixings, vanity tops, transitional shower screens; custom designed light fittings, opaque showers, artistic interior decoration panels, signage glass panels, glass bridge, glass insert panels, stair hand rails, frameless glass hinges, wind breakers, fences as well as building facades.

A Glass Apart also supplies polished edge mirrors, cantilevered glass having stainless steel clamps, toughened glass with stainless steel fixings, frameless glass bathroom enclosures, curved glass, glass tops and shower screens. These products are available at cost effective rates and manufactured according to the industry standards. A Glass Apart offers visually appealing commercial and architectural glass products.