7Glass Australia , specialist manufacturer and installer of glass products, discusses the benefits offered by their range of splashbacks.

Splashbacks instantly brighten and lighten up a room because of their reflective surface. They make a space look modern and spacious and they can be applied to almost any surface including existing tiles, plaster, brick, gyprock, MDF etc...

Available in a wide variety of colours from Dulux or Bristol, splashbacks are easy to clean and mould-free.  Although industrial strength glass and surface cleaners are strongly recommended to clean the splashbacks, these are not essential and other regular glass cleaning methods are also suitable.

In order to be able to install kitchen or bathroom splashbacks, these rooms need to be fully completed. All fittings such as power points, taps, cabinetry, architraves, hoods etc. must be fully installed to ensure a perfect fit with minimal gaps.