Concrete is all around us; from the roads that we drive on to the buildings we work in. It was first used in Rome as the main binding product for the Coliseum’s bricks. Concrete has been used throughout the ages as a reliable and robust product that can last the rigours of time.   

2barrows ‘sees the future of concrete as colourful’. By using the most update material sciences and polishing techniques they can produce customised bench tops, vanities and stair treads that bring out the best of the natural materials contained in concrete. With over 60 colours and a wide range of aggregates and sands to choose from, 2barrows offers architects, builders, developers, interior designers and home owners customized solutions to enhance their projects.  

Polished concrete gives a level of solidness not found in any other materials. The earthy nature of the material brings out the best in any living environment. 2barrows has developed in-house molding and casting techniques to deliver complex shapes which provide a very powerful statement.  

Some of the advantages of polished concrete benchtops are:   

  • Superior strength. Because of the nature of reinforced concrete large cantilevers can easily be accommodated 
  • Polished concrete can be cast to any thickness above 45mm, thus eliminating jointing at edge thickening and around sinks 
  • Polished concrete is robust with the ability to take impacts easily. 
  • Concrete has been used in exterior applications for decades and is well wearing and UV resistant  

2barrows specializes in precasting polished concrete elements. This method of production allows 2barrows to ensure quality control and high quality finishes. This is due to the controlled environment they produce the precast in. It guarantees consistency so that multiple elements match.

By precasting there is no mess or grinding on the client’s site. Precasting allows for time flexibility - the precast can be made in conjunction with the cabinetry works. This method has been proven successful, with polished concrete benchtops being installed days after the cabinetry is finished.

2barrows works closely with its customers to determine their needs and applications. They used a variety of finishes and sealers to suit the application and environment in which the benchtop is to be placed. 2barrows understands the importance of having a smooth and clean installation and great care is taken in determining access and placement of the polished concrete benchtop into its final position.