Long-span roofing systems are a feature of some of the most iconic designs in modern architecture. However, long-span building applications – whether roofs, walls or otherwise – present a unique design and construction challenge. As the desired span increases, so do issues with delivery and installation as there are logistical and practical challenges associated with large sheet sizes of any building material and achieving a seamless outcome. For such applications, there is no better choice than steel cladding.

Where Design Meets Functionality: The benefits of steel cladding in long-span building applications explores steel cladding’s unique advantages for long-span building applications. First, we discuss the challenges related to long-span building applications. We then consider the advantages of designing with long-span steel cladding, including its design flexibility, resistance to weather, corrosion and fire, and strength and stability. We also consider the potential savings in materials cost, fabrication and installation.

Fielders are manufacturers of profiled steel sheeting for roofing or walling applications. Their ARAMAX® structural cladding system is unlike any other, with a product that is bigger, bolder and deeper than conventional steel cladding profiles. The ARAMAX® roof sheeting allows for huge roofing spans of up to 20 metres with no purlins or girts, serving as a visually stunning and structural component of the structure, while reducing cost without compromising performance.

Download this paper to learn about steel cladding’s unique advantages for long-span building applications.


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