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    A channel to compliance: Meeting plumbing requirements through efficient drainage specification

    Drainage is one of the most important elements of any construction project, yet is often overlooked. To mitigate the risks that can result from non-compliance to Australian Standards, designers and specifiers are looking for high performing drainage solutions that deliver full compliance with minimum fuss. Download this whitepaper to find the most efficient path to full compliance with plumbing regulation through efficient drainage specification.

    Reliable water tanks and wastewater management for a sustainable future

    With a strong understanding that rainwater harvesting is key to sustainable living, along with decades of knowledge and experience in wastewater management, Kingspan has become a leader in reliable, high-quality water tanks and accessories. To find out more about how you can harvest rainwater for a more efficient and sustainable future, download this free ebook.

    Tarkett champions a cleaner, greener, more transparent construction industry

    Sustainability has well and truly embedded itself into all aspects of today’s architecture and construction industry. Around the world, practitioners are seeking materials and systems that ‘close the loop’ on environmentally friendly design and actively work to protect the environment. To learn how Tarkett is going above and beyond in their efforts to deliver this and encourage greater transparency within the industry, download this free e-book.

    WoodSolutions broadens industry understanding of sustainability

    As sustainability concerns become increasingly central to Australian design and construction, practitioners are seeking ways to incorporate environmental considerations into all aspects of construction. To learn how Forest and Wood Products Australia’s WoodSolutions brand encourages this holistic approach and provides ongoing educational resources for industry professionals, download this free e-book.

    Paving the path toward sustainability with Premier Pavers & Stone

    As trends toward urban densification continue across Australia, demand for sustainable, accessible, and inclusive urban spaces is mounting. Against this backdrop, innovative construction products that take a holistic approach to meeting environmental outcomes are fast gaining popularity. To learn how Australian company and 2018 Sustainability Awards sponsors Premier Pavers & Stone is meeting this demand with outstanding solutions-focused design, download this free e-book.

    Design for small spaces: Maximising living space with careful door design

    Australians are turning to medium to high-density apartments and homes where the amount of available living space is shrinking. Designers and specifiers face the challenge of delivering maximum functionality in homes where space comes at a premium including specifying door systems that have minimal impact on available living space when operated. Download this whitepaper and learn how careful specification of door systems can deliver maximum functionality and comfort for small-space living.

    Achieving cost efficiency through careful, considered specification

    In the face of ongoing growth within the Australian construction industry, demand for durable, flexible, and cost effective construction materials and systems is on the rise. To learn how careful specification of materials and finishes can meet these demands and deliver cost effectiveness at all stages of a project's lifespan, download this infographic.

    Woven Image strikes perfect balance between sustainability and style

    As consumption of single use plastic products continues to rise, solutions that make efficient use of post-consumer waste are in high demand. Woven Image, an Australian textile and interior finishes company, are leading the charge in this regard by incorporating single-use plastic bottles into stylish, high performance acoustic panels. To learn more about Woven Image and their sponsorship of the 2018 Sustainability Awards, download this free whitepaper.

    Balancing style & functionality: Key considerations for specifying commercial bathrooms

    Health and hygiene are key considerations in any project, but are particularly critical in high traffic, commercial bathroom environments. To learn best practice for balancing these concerns with aesthetics and functionality, download this free whitepaper.

    Shaping the offices and workplaces of tomorrow with HP

    The first signs of tomorrow’s workplaces are already appearing in today’s offices as workers embrace innovative technologies and methods of work. To learn how 2018 Sustainability Awards Sponsor HP is paving the path toward the next generation of technology-driven, sustainably-minded workforces, download this free eBook.

    Elton Group takes a multi-layered approach to sustainability

    For more than 70 years, Elton Group has been a leading light in the Australian forest products industry. Combining a strong sustainability focus with the latest manufacturing technologies, the company is setting new standards in veneer and plywood production. To learn more about Elton Group’s sustainability efforts and their 2018 sponsorship of the Sustainability Awards, download this eBook.

    Arcpanel’s slow and steady approach to sustainability pays off

    Ritek, now owned by Australian cleantech company ARCPANEL, the brand continues to extend this legacy and champion thoughtful, highly considered sustainable design; this year, it was a proud sponsor of the 2018 Sustainability Awards. To learn more about ARCPANEL’s ongoing sustainability efforts and how they are changing the industry for the better, download this free eBook.

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