With the rising cost of construction and supply chain issues across the globe, all parties in the building and procurement process need to be on guard and informed of the risks of products that fail to meet performance claims or fall short of Australian standards. Understanding the regulatory pathways used to ensure product conformance is especially important given the expanding variety of new and innovative products that are being sold. Product certification is a tool that can be used to ensure a product is compliant and fit-for-purpose, but the landscape is more complex than it appears.

Tried and tested: Exploring issues with building product certification is a useful guide to building product certification schemes and how they can help you reduce risk. We explain what certification means in relation to building products and provide examples of certification schemes relevant to the Australian building sector, including WaterMark. We discuss some potential misuses of certification to help building and design professionals avoid the most common pitfalls. We also look at several effective ways to reduce the risks associated with incorrect product specification.

All Stormtech drains are Watermark certified for use in Australia. Stormtech is also the only drainage manufacturer with GreenTag Level A Gold certification, which is the product rating certification approved by the Green Building Council of Australia. Stormtech works proactively with plumbing advisory services to ensure drainage remains fully compliant with NCC regulations and Australian standards and exceeds the minimums to ensure not only fit for purpose, but reliability and durability.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about building product certification, including what to look for, potential misuses and other related issues.


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