A car stacker by design will fit more cars in less space. However, if a local council applies the rules in AS 2890.1:2004 “Parking facilities, Part 1: Off-street car parking” to car stackers without proper consideration of their purpose and function, it can result in a solution that is larger than a standard bay to accommodate a standard car. When working with councils and local government authorities, it is crucial to follow tried-and-true guidelines when planning any type of development. Yet, while AS 2890.1 is a great resource for conventional car parking design, it does not specifically apply to mechanical car stackers.

Stackers explained for councils: How car park design standards tie into the requirements for car stackers helps developers, councils and local government authorities understand how the off-street car parking design standards tie into the design of car stackers. First, we consider base dimensions for B99 and B85 vehicles and the standard car park dimensions under AS 2890.1. We then look at the dimensions of modern car stackers and how they tie into the AS 2890.1 requirements.

As a leading Australian designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative parking solutions, LevantaPark understands the challenges faced by today’s developers, designers and end users. Committed to quality and efficiency, the company offers a wide range of car parking solutions to meet the requirements of virtually any environment, from multi-residential and commercial developments to industrial facilities requiring the handling of bulky goods and heavy vehicles.

Download this whitepaper to navigate the requirements of AS 2890.1 and how they relate to the dimensions and capabilities of modern car stackers.


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