Several factors determine which building material is best for new homes, from performance to aesthetics to environmental and health considerations. Historically, timber has been the material of choice for residential projects. However, in recent times, specifiers are shifting toward more technologically advanced timber products like Novawood Technology because of their many architectural benefits.

Specifying Novawood Products in Residential Projects highlights the key factors to consider when assessing and selecting Novawood products. Specifiers may not be universally aware of the benefits of specifying Novawood for residential projects, particularly in relation to cost savings, construction efficiency and sustainability. In this whitepaper, we consider the key features of Novawood products and how they can improve design and construction outcomes.

Novawood is proud to contribute to the sustainability of forests and clean nature, which protects the future of our biosphere, ensures fresh air to breathe, meets the needs of the global wood economy, diverse forests and a healthy green environment. The manufacturing of Novawood thermowood products is completely natural and chemical-free, which takes place after review, evaluation and approval by global administrations with world-class facilities equipped with the latest technology and machinery in accordance with established international standards.

  • Specifiers are shifting away from traditional native and imported hardwood species and toward more technologically advanced timber products like Novawood Technology.
  • Choosing Novawood signifies a commitment to eco-friendly construction, with easy installation supporting reasonable labor costs and construction timelines.

Download this whitepaper to learn why Novawood is the exterior and interior product of choice for modern residential projects.


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