With funding for school infrastructure set to increase, there are growing opportunities in the education sector for designers and specifiers. Many schools miss the opportunity to use interior design to provide better educational outcomes. Furniture, lighting and technology are often considered the go-to solutions for optimising learning spaces, but one design element is consistently overlooked – flooring.

Best in Class: Specifying Flooring Solutions for High-Performing and Healthier Education Environments takes a close look at how flooring solutions can positively impact student health, wellbeing and academic performance. We consider how flooring impacts the day-to-day operation of educational facilities, and its role in creating a healthy indoor environment. We also discuss the benefits of biophilic design and how it can be incorporated into floor selection. Finally, we consider the key design considerations when specifying school floors and how to align floor selection with broader health, wellbeing and learning outcomes.

From preschool, K-12 and tertiary alike, GH Commercial offers commercial carpets and tiles to cover all areas of education design, including classrooms, corridors, libraries, common rooms, computer labs, multipurpose spaces and amenities. The company’s flooring products offer features like acoustic performance, comfort, low VOCs and safety underfoot as well as incorporate biophilic elements that tap into our innate desire to see patterns and to connect to nature.


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