Healthcare buildings are complex spaces that incorporate high-level technology to fulfil a range of functions. Good design integrates these functional requirements with the human needs of patients, visitors and staff. Building owners, facilities managers, healthcare architects and all others involved in the design process must consider how the materials used for walls and ceilings shape the user experience, including air quality, acoustic comfort, fire safety, and even concerns about sustainability.

Spaces for healing: Design considerations for walls & ceilings in healthcare environments discusses the key design considerations for creating a healthcare facility that delivers better patient and staff outcomes, and suggests some potential wall and ceiling solutions that meet a variety of hospital design challenges. We see how building design contributes to indoor air quality, acoustic comfort and fire safety, and examine the importance of durable walls and ceilings in high-traffic spaces. We also take a look at the growing demand for sustainable materials in the healthcare sector. Finally, we highlight leading plasterboard products with performance properties that are ideal for modern healthcare spaces.

CSR Gyprock is the leading brand of plasterboard in Australia with a comprehensive range of plasterboard, compounds, cornices and associated finishing products. The company’s product range offers a selection of lightweight, high-performance building systems to meet a variety of hospital design challenges, tested and proven by CSR’s unparalleled technical support.

Download this whitepaper to learn about some of the key design considerations for modern healthcare facilities, and how they relate to the specification of wall and ceiling materials.


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