A high-quality engineered timber floor needs a stable wear layer to perform and function as expected. However, there is a common misconception that specifying a board with a thicker veneer will increase the floor’s robustness or durability. The reality is that while a thicker wear layer may offer slightly better protection against scratches and dents, it is only one factor among several that will ultimately determine the longevity of the floor. 

Separating engineered flooring fact from fiction : Is a thicker wear layer necessarily better? takes a close look at what really matters when it comes to specifying a longer-lasting engineered timber floor. The multi-layered construction of engineered timber gives each product its own unique strength and hardness properties. Wood species, installation environment, aesthetics, surface coatings, product quality and support, and cost consideration all play a factor in determining what is the best product for any given application.

For more than 20 years, Midas Timber has been supplying high-quality flooring products across the world. Engineered timbers by Midas Floors are known for their durability and aesthetics and are UV lacquered, making them suitable for commercial and residential applications.

Download this whitepaper and learn what really matters when it comes to a longer-lasting engineered timber floor.


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